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What our cleaners say

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We believe in treating our staff well, offering full ongoing training and support and paying them a fair wage. We actively seek feedback from all our cleaners about how they feel about their job and the company. Happy Staff who enjoy their job lead to happy customers!

This is what a few of our staff have told us about their jobs...

I really enjoy being part of a professional cleaning team. Everyone takes pride in their work and strives to do a good job, it's very rewarding to be part of a team of like-minded people.

Before I joined Kingsmaid I thought I knew how to clean- I was wrong! The training was really thorough and I learned loads. My trainer was really nice and helpful – I think she could tell I was a bit nervous! We are expected to work hard and clean to a good standard, which suits me fine.

I have worked for a few cleaning companies, I have always found I like the work but not the company. Kingsmaid are great to work for – feels like a real team, I have finally found a company that value their staff.

I was really made to feel welcome when I joined Kingsmaid, everyone is so friendly. And I love the sweeties, lollipops and other treats in the staff room that they provide for us every week, shows they care about the staff. I love cleaning customers' homes and knowing that I am making a difference to their lives.

The training is good, my manager is really supportive. Kingsmaid is a good company to work for.

I only intended to have this job as a stopgap, but I find I actually love it and have ended up saying for years!

Great working for Kingsmaid, everyone I've met so far is really friendly and you can have a laugh while you are working and unlike like my last job if you have a problem you can talk to them about it and they actually listen and try to help :) also most of the time I get my evenings free and get all my weekends off. Also the customers are lovely too :) Everything I want out of a job - so lucky to have found this job.

The best thing about my job is making a difference to customer's lives. I love seeing the difference my work makes.

I love my customers, I have been going to some of the same houses for ages, which is great, you really get to know what the customer wants and it's great to be appreciated.

My job fits in around school hours and I enjoy it which is great.

I love going in to a house that needs a lot of work and getting stuck in! I really love blitz cleans, I feel like I am really achieving something when I have finished making them look great.

Having spent most of my adult life in cleaning jobs it's good to find a company that actually values its workforce – and pays over minimum wage.

My partner is great, we get on really well, we make a good team.  I look forward to my day at work (odd I know!) but I really do! We spend the days travelling round in our little Kingsmaid car and cleaning, its hard work but it is fun too. We love to make a difference.

I get regular full time work, I get a company car, I get paid properly, I enjoy the work, I get on well with the other cleaners and my bosses, my customers give me good feedback – what not to like!

If you are prepared to work hard and have high standards then it's a good job, if you aren't then you wont last 2 minutes! Kingsmaid are a decent company, they treat you well and train you properly. You are expected to do a good job in every clean, but that's what the customer is paying for so it's only fair.

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Kigsmaid provides excellent domestic cleaning services to the residents of Stockport, Cheshire and Manchester

Our mission at Kingsmaid is to provide excellent domestic cleaning services to the residents of Cheshire; areas such as Bramhall, Wilmslow, Hale, Alderley Edge and all parts of Greater Manchester and Lancashire. With our locally based teams we also clean in other areas such as Rochdale, Bury, Hayfield, Worsley, Altrincham, Cheadle Knutsford, Lymm, and Macclesfield.

It is always lovely to come home to a lovely clean house, My friends always comment on how nice the house looks.
The office staff are always helpful when I call and professional.

DonnaL-3    17 February 2016

Eco-Friendly Cleaning
Kingsmaid brand products cleaning products have the Green Seal Approval

Kingsmaid brand products are not tested on animals and are kind to the environment. They have the Green Seal Approval.

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